Sun & Fun

Urban Beaches

Cabo Branco, Tambaú, Manaíra and Bessa are the four main urban beaches in João Pessoa. With clean, shallow, warm and calm waters, they're by far the children's favorites. Cabo Branco has small waves that guarantee a lot of fun and there you'll find the easternmost point of America, the Ponta do Seixas, where the lighthouse is.

Feet holding a Deathstar-like ball on the beach
Cabo Branco

By low tide at Tambaú, you can sail about 1 km into the sea to scuba dive in the coral reef area, called "Picãozinho". It doesn't matter whether you can swim or not, you can rent swim vests right on the boat.


Manaíra is the beach for the kite surfers, there are even kite surfing schools there if you feel like trying it out. At Bessa you can rent kayaks. The water is so calm that even little children can do it on their own! These beaches are very attractive not only for their beauty, but they also offer all facilities around.


You can spend a whole day enjoying yourself there. The parasols can be rented by very low charges, you can even bargain with the guys renting them, and the better your Portuguese, the lower the price.

Special Beaches

Baby turtles heading to the sea right after hatching out of their eggs
Baby Turtles

If you're lucky enough to be around between May and November, you might witness the spawning of hundreds of little turtles on Intermares beach. Intermares is located in Cabedelo, at João Pessoa's metropolitan region.


It's also in Cabedelo that you'll find the Praia do Jacaré (Alligator's Beach). You should head to this beach around 4:00 p.m. to watch the sunset. Mind you the sunset in João Pessoa happens at 5:30 p.m. and because the city is very close to the Equator, it doesn't make a difference whether it's Winter or Summer, the sun goes down punctually!


There you'll find a little market where you can buy a variety of things, souvenirs, food and drinks, etc. The Ravel's Bolero is played live everyday during the sunset by a famous local saxophonist called Jurandy do Sax, who sails along the shore on a canoe.

Panoramic photo of Tambaba Beach with rock formations and a palm tree on top of a high rock
Tambaba, Photo by dotcomdotbr

Small creek at the beach of Tabatinga

Towards the South, you can visit beautiful beaches that aren't urbanized yet: Coqueirinho, Carapibus, Tabatinga and Praia Bela. There's also a naturist beach called Tambaba, it's divided in two parts: on one you can leave your clothes on, on the other, you are obliged to take them off.


You don't have to visit the naturist side if you don't want to, but rumours say it's the most beautiful side of the beach. If you go there, let us know if it's just a rumour.


In the North of Paraíba, you can visit Barra de Camaratuba, this is a truly wild beach. The waves are proper for surfing and there are no facilities around. You'll find some places to stay overnight if you wish, but try to book it in advance, there are only few options, but it's totally worth it!

Catamaran and a few kayaks on the see with sunset in the background
Jacare Beach