Spring started in the southern hemisphere on September 23rd. When we think of the weather, this is the most pleasant time to be in Brazil. It is comfortably warm, but not too hot, and the rainy season is over.

red butterfly on a yellow blossom

Imagine what spring looks like in a tropical country. Of course, the contrast is not as strong as in Europe, where in winter all trees lose their leaves and in March all nature explodes at the same time, to the delight of allergy sufferers...


No, it is rather about a certain anticipation of the summer, the end of the year, the vacation and Christmas season. This time everything is a bit different than usual because of the Covid pandemic. The mood is very subdued, although there are still too many people going out.

Beach seen from above with many colorful parasols and people all around, in water and on the sand

Street carnival is as good as cancelled and I assume that there will be no big New Year's Eve party on the beach. But just like in Germany, when the Oktoberfest 2020 was cancelled and people still celebrated outside, I fear that something similar will happen in Joao Pessoa.


Stay at home or celebrate outside?


For me personally no big dilemma, but every person is different. The distance rule is hard to follow and we have reached our limit, the pandemic unfortunately not. It goes on and challenges us.

In addition, we are all very concerned about the serious economic consequences. What will everything look like in a year? Will we still have our jobs? What will happen to the event and entertainment industry? Especially, what will happen to the tourism industry?


I think people will spend their vacations "at home" for quite a while. The trips and the distances will be shorter. The early bookers will be more careful, at least that is what the tendency shows.


This development can be positive, especially if we think about the environment. Why not fly less and take more trains? Bicycle tours and hiking in nature instead of package tours. Support local stores, small hotels in the region, yes, this change is, in my opinion, welcome.

four feet in sneakers on two people lying on the green grass facing a cherry tree in full blossom and a light blue bike with a basket
Cherry blossom

When the pandemic is over, we can plan our trips better and even enjoy them more. My hope is that the temporary situation that drives holidaymakers to the nearby area will strengthen the regional business, so that you can get to know a whole lot of authentic local places the next time you fly to South America.


That way your vacation will be much more fun!