Of new beginnings

It's been over two years since I've last written a blog entry. For several reasons I decided to take a short break, which unintentionally turned into a long one.

Old street car exhibited outdoors at the cultural centre of Energisa, a historical electric power plant
Usina Cultural Energisa

The last time I wrote here I talked about the political turmoil that took over Brazil. Many things changed between now and then. I'm writting now in June 2020 and we've been practicing social distancing since middle March due to the spread of covid-19.

The travel sector fell apart all around the world. Everybody was and still is concentrated in staying healthy!

We have to live under strict restrictions that are shaping a new lifestyle for many people who are not used to staying home. I myself miss travelling and exploring new places, but altogether I'm coping with the situation the best I can.

Two pina coladas on a table at the beach of Bessa, under the shadow of coconut trees
Piña Colada

Sitting at home motivated me to return the activities on this website.

But nobody is travelling right now and obviously I wouldn't encourage anybody to travel anytime soon.

That's why I've been thinking about other ways to bring you a little bit closer to my hometown. There are other ways to experience the vibe of a particular place, even when you stay at home!

You can cook Indian food or listen to Irish folk, you can read Russian literature and watch documentaries about Japan. So I decided to accept the little challenge to present my hometown in a different way.

Let's stick together in this journey and never lose the joy of discovering new worlds, even if it's through the taste of the culinary, feelings and imagination!